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                                           The Overton Berry Ensemble                                   


Originally released in 1972 this rich mixture of jazz and funk has been a dj favorite for years.

The popular Jesus Christ Superstar break has made the original vinyl a much sought after commodity.

This re-mastered digitized release helps to keep this classic sound alive and well for new generations to love.


Track list:

1.    Compared to What

2. A Child is Born

3. Black Bottom (Featuring Mark Berry on guitar)

4. Color My World

5. Jesus Christ Superstar

6. Eglise


(Click on link below to listen to selected tracks:)

$16.00 (includes shipping)  (cd)

  $50.00 for the vinyl (free shipping-only a handful of copies left)

Order via mail Send check or money order for amount to:

TOBE Productions

P. O. Box 1122 Lynnwood WA. 98046-1122



Overton Berry-piano

Bill Kotick-drums

Curtis Stovall-bass and vocals

Mark Berry-guitar


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